I140 filing fees - employee asking to sign bond and pay it

Hi Anil,

My I140 was filed in premium processing and approved last May/2018, during the time of filing my employer paid all the filing fees.

Now (After 1 year) they changed some company policies and asking me to sign an agreement to pay I140 filing fees back if I leave company before 4 years.

When I questioned them how can I sign for something approved a year back and at the time filing they agreed to pay everything(did for ex-employees), they keep saying the law allows them to collect I140 fees from employee.

What are my options here?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @AGuru

I don’t think Employer can ask for i140 money as it is an application filed by employer.

I guess that they are probably going to write something else in the contract to get the money from you.

Hi @Anil.Gupta

Thanks for quick response.

Source: Employer's Liabilities and Responsibilities as a Green Card Sponsor | AllLaw

USCIS requires that you submit a filing fee with the I-140 petition. This fee can be paid by either the employer or the employee. The employer is NOT required to pay this filing fee.

The thing is they are trying get an agreement signed from me for the application that approved a year back (where they accepted to pay all the fees during the time of filing).


Well, in that case, you have to negotiate with your employer.