I140 Processing Time 2019 Archive

Hi Anil, I wanted to get your opinion on when you estimate I will receive a decision on my I-140.

Here is my scenario. My firm applied for EB-2 on June 21, 2013.
More recently, I sent an EB1A concurrent petition (I-140 and I-485) on May 14, 2019 using my 2013 priority date.

It would be great if you can help me get an estimate on when I can hear from USCIS on adjudication of my I-140. Many thanks!

Hi @manans25
You have not mentioned the USCIS service center name.

The service center is SRC (Texas Service Center)

Hi @Anil.Gupta
It would be great if you can provide an estimate on when I can hear from USCIA on adjudication of my I-140.
Thank you

Hi @manans25
Yon can expect your i140 approval by Sep 2019 end.

my friend applied I-140 in premium and got RFE, they answered the query in one month and submitted 0n 6/10/19, when can they hear the decision ?

Hi @siri
You need to share more details like the service center name with your question, to get any meaningful and fast answer.

Hello @Anil.Gupta, I have a general question. Please can you provide your views on how the percentage of I-140 petitions that are not approved within the proposed USCIS timeframe and result in USCIS Service Request (e.g. over 6 months for EB1A in Texas Service Center and over 10.5 months for EB1A in Nebraska Service Center)? Thank you.

it is applied with EB3 category and Nebraska center.
my question was like 2 weeks of premium processing won’t apply in case of RFE?

Hi @manans25

I do not understand you question as to what you want to know. Can you re-phrase your question?

Hi @siri

Premium processing will apply for i140 RFE case as well. The premium 15 day clock re-starts on the day USCIS receives your RFE response.

Hi @Anil.Gupta, the question really is what percentage of I-140s are not processing in the timeline suggested by USCIS and, therefore, are candidates for Service Requests?

Hi @manans25
There is no official data shared officially by USCIS as to how many cases are not processed within published timelines.

My estimation is that around 10-15% of total cases breach the timeline due to various reasons like delayed RFE response and other issues.

My EB1C was filled on Nov 12, 2018.

I observed that earlier the dates moved almost to October 15, 2018 before it was pushed back twice to July, 2018. Currently it is running at mid August 2018.

Does it mean USCIS is currently not processing any I140s and the one day daily movement that is happening is a pseudo movement?

Do you see a possibility of it jumping back to the earlier mid October, 2018 date in near future?
How long do you thing my case will take to get I140 approval.

It is filled at Texas processing center.

EB1C I140 Filed on May first week’ 2019 - What’s the hope?

4.5 Years of L1A finished. I140 filed on first week of May’ 2019. Was told by attorney that premium filing is not possible. Also adjustment of status or I485 not possible.

So what’s the hope ahead? Any tentative timeline for different steps somebody can predict? Sorry for asking as I don’t have much knowledge of how this retro thing works or the date advances.

Hi @tapanagg

You can expect your EB1C i140 approval by Aug 2019 second week end.

Hi Anil,
I am a new user. I have been reading your blog for few days now and have found it extremely helpful. I really appreciate all the great information that you provide on your blog and also take efforts to answer each and every query.
My query is regarding my Eb1B application, Texas center. I-140 was sent on March 5th and case was received on 6th March. Its been almost 3 months but I havent seen any update yet. Checked with lawyer and they got no RFE as well. Lawyer initially said it takes 4-6 months for I-140 to approve, and now she is saying it takes about 6-10 months. Can you please help? Really appreciate your help/advice.
Kind regards,

Hi Anil,
My I-140 is filed 8 months before and i dont have update on it. No RFE and no approval. I am sure my employer is not hiding any thing from me. My case was filed in last week of october. For what reasons they dont provide updates on my case. will my I 140 get approved?. really worried now. Since it is already 8 months, when can i expect my I140 to get approved assuming i am not getting RFE

My employer is a very big company and colleagues who’s I 140 got filed after me also got approved few months back itself

Hi @kasturi

You can expect your I140 approval by July 2019 end as per current processing speed.

Hi @anand24

What category of i140 is it and which service center is it pending at?