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Hello Anil, although the table shows that the most rapidly approved case of EB-2 NIW visa was introduced on March 25, 2019, it has been in effect since December 17, the date on which I first entered your page (very informative for others). I assume that until now there has not been a case approved more quickly than that (8 months and 26 days), but I wanted to ask you if you do not know which month of the year 2019 the reviews of this type of visa are going to? Greetings and thanks in advance.

Hi @covaev

I am not aware of any individual case. The data is sourced from crowd and is updated automatically every day.

Thank you for your posting. It is really helpful. BTW could you post the EB2-NIW case together in this posting.

We will try to get more data and then share. Thanks for your suggestion.

Hi Anil- Had a quick question on the i140 approval times that is mentioned.
On EB1C showing November 2019 as fastest approved case and Sep 2019 as slowest.
I have applied mine on Aug 2019, should i accept to get an update on it anytime soon.

Your approval should be coming up soon.

Thank you for your response

Applied Eb1 c in feb 2020 but we ported our priority date august 2011.
When can we expect ?

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Dear @Anil.Gupta,

Need your help with the confusing USCIS case status.

Petition Type: I140
Mode: Premium
Filed on : July 27th
Status Update on Aug 7th : RFE
Status update on Aug 10th : Case is Approved

While My attorney and myself are waiting for the RFE details, this sudden status update made me more nervous . Have you seen this kind before?

Tagging @Anil.Gupta again, do you have any experience seeing this kind of status update from USCIS?

Answering my own question, my case is approved and i got the approval notice by mail today. Thanks

Hi Anil, @anil_am22. How are these dates updated? What data do you use?

Hello Anil,
I have approved I- 140 from company A & PD is Dec-21-2018, if I move to company B now, while filing the adjustment of status (485J) do I need o have new I -140 approved from company B with porting date?. what I means , does new company has to do PERM process an then I-140 and finally apply for 485-J.

if S386 passes , the bill has clause . that says that: employee has to have 2 years of after I140 approval, so if i move to employer B now , does it count from I140 approval from previous employee A.?

I am asking this question because , if S386 passes it will help me , in understanding o switch the employer or not.

I have a question: please clarify:

  1. My Employer filed my i140 on Nov 28 2020 in premium. When I check the receipt number in Uscis website it is still showing as “Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed” - Nebraska Service Center location. It is been now 18 calendar days. Can please tell me what is the premium processing time now?

Check with your attorney.
They should’ve got an update on your case as it is past 15 days.