I140 withdrawal and H1B extension

Hi Anil,

I am working for employer A and my I140 got approved in Feb 21. I got another full time opportunity and they transferred my H1B and got 3 years extension. I do have below questions:

  1. During my resignation my current employer threatened me that he will withdraw I140 and further H1B extension will not be possible for new employer. Is that true as it is more then 180 days?

  2. Can I keep on changing employer and extending H1B based on my approved I140 assuming my current employer can not cancel/withdraw as I passed 180 days post i140 approval? Even if he revokes(post 180 days) can I further change the employer and keep on getting H1B extension?

  3. My priority date is June 20. Would it be same whenever future employer will file for new i140?

Your quick response would be highly appreciated. As always thank you!

Even if they withdraw, you should be able to port your PD from existing I-140 to the one that your new employer will start.



Thank you! Even if my new employer will not file new i140, can they still extend H1B ? Sorry but want to reconfirm.