I485 Adjustment of Status Application Documents Employment - Questions & Answers

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Thanks very much for the information. Is it possible to get FBI clearance cert, state clearance, and home country clearance certificate within a month?

So if you get to know if the dates are current and before the next bulletin? Or would you recommend having these ready.

My other question is that my employer never received the I-140 approval copy.

Lawyer received a courtesy copy. Lawyer says that is ok to file I-485.

I wanted to confirm that with you and check if you have heard otherwise. Thanks again for all that you do.

@Anil.Gupta out of all the forms it seems like we can only complete the #4 Form I-693 - Medical examination on our own. Am I right in assuming this?

Do we need any kind of USCIS reference number or other details that will not allow us to complete i-693?

Also for FBI, State Police and Police clearance from home country do we need these to completed for minors also?

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what is the chances to get date is current? Is diabetic come under inadmissible?

Can you please clarify what specific documents are required for principal applicants vs dependents? I believe there are certain documents only applicable for principal applicants like PPC, FBI background check documents…etc.

Hi @hemant_srinivas

The list on the article is separately mentioned for adults and children.

Anil, Since we can apply based on filing date, (not sure if they change it back to final date or some other reason etc), can we just send without I-693? I think this will delay the complete application