I485 Adjustment of Status Document Checklist (Employment-Based)

Thanks very much for the information. Is it possible to get FBI clearance cert, state clearance, and home country clearance certificate within a month?

So if you get to know if the dates are current and before the next bulletin? Or would you recommend having these ready.

My other question is that my employer never received the I-140 approval copy.

Lawyer received a courtesy copy. Lawyer says that is ok to file I-485.

I wanted to confirm that with you and check if you have heard otherwise. Thanks again for all that you do.

@Anil.Gupta out of all the forms it seems like we can only complete the #4 Form I-693 - Medical examination on our own. Am I right in assuming this?

Do we need any kind of USCIS reference number or other details that will not allow us to complete i-693?

Also for FBI, State Police and Police clearance from home country do we need these to completed for minors also?

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what is the chances to get date is current? Is diabetic come under inadmissible?

Can you please clarify what specific documents are required for principal applicants vs dependents? I believe there are certain documents only applicable for principal applicants like PPC, FBI background check documents…etc.

Hi @hemant_srinivas

The list on the article is separately mentioned for adults and children.

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My spouse vH4 extension is pending while I have H1 Approved. Can I file I485 for my spose as wll ?

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Anil, does it matter if I apply for i485 at the end of Oct 2020? I am not able to find my Birth Certificate so will need some time to get it.

Hi @Rupa_jha
Pending H4 extension should not affect your i485 filing.

Hi @Santosh_Naidu
You can file as long as the visa bulletin allows you to. Oct 2020 visa bulletin is valid until Oct 31, 2020.

Do we need to fill I944 for dependent also?
Do we need I864 for primary applicant?
325A biographic information form was stopped using in 2017, do we still need to submit these?

Hello Anil,

I have a question about what information should I enter on the i-485 form on Page 2 where it asks for I-94 arrival/ departure record information:

If you were issued a Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record Number:
23.a Arrival / Departure Record Number:
Question 1: Should this be from the most recent I-797 approval notice or it needs to come from the CBP Electronic I-94 record information (e.g. I last travelled to India in 2018 and had an extension after that. So the electronic I-94 on the CBP website has a date in the past however I have my latest I-797 approval for my H1 extension)
**Question 2: My spouse and child’s H4 extension are still pending / in process. In this case what information should I enter on their i-485 application form for the same field if I have to use the latest I-797 / I-539 approval notice since I don’t have those notices for them

Question 3: In terms of supporting documentation, should I include my dependents receipt notice since I don’t have their I-539 approval notices at this point in time in lieu of maintaining continuous stay

**Question 4:**I have I-140 approvals for both EB3 and EB2 categories from the same employer. My priority date is 06/30/2010. My case was initially filed in EB3 and then upgraded to EB2. I work in the same group within my company with my job responsibilities substantially remaining the same. I started as an engineer and now am a Manager. I am current in both the categories however the “Final Action Date” for EB3 is 3.5 months ahead of EB2. Should I file my i-485 with EB3 or EB2 approval as per your recommendation?

Question 5: Given that my priority date is 06/30/2010, should I send my i-693 (Medical form) along with the initial submission of 485 or wait for USCIS RFE and submit medicals later. Will submitting medicals later delay the overall timeline?


Skip 325a.

I944 is needed for each person.

I864 for dependents.

You have to fill most recent i94 number irrespective of the way it was obtained.

For i797 numbers, you can write the most recent approved numbers unless question asks otherwise.

Use this app for EB2 to EB3 recommendations.

Medical is optional to send with i485.

Hi, my visa maxed out recently and I am outside the States now. As per the Oct. Visa Bulletin I am eligible to file the GC in EB1 through Counselor processing.
I am about to move to Canada on work visa in next 1-3 months. Shall we apply for GC from India right away or wait till I move to Canada and file from there? Would it be faster if we apply from Canada or any other advantages? Thanks.

Hi Anil, in I-944, if the dependent spouse has no income, should we still need to enter their name in Part 3 - Household Income and enter the wages as “0” as the tax was filed jointly or it’s not necessary to enter the spouse’s name?

Appreciate your response!

in worst case if i cant submit any birth proof when filing i 485. i know birth proof is important for i 485 not for EAD and advance parole. in this case, will uscis send a query for birth certificate when they process for EAD and AP or only when processing i 485 (final date match). please let me know

Hi Anil,
Question related to my wife’s I-485 form (Derivative applicant). My wife has an A# from her H4 EAD applied earlier. Should this A# mentioned part of the I-485, I-131, I-765 and I-944 forms?
Appreciate your response.

Anil please update what comes under public charge. Obamacare subsidies do not come under public charge. Please check: