I485 been filed and pending, and how to proceed further if PD becomes current

Hello all,

I had already filed I-485 previously and is under pending status with approved EAD. I have been waiting for my priority date to becomes current for many years but it has become current yet.

Questions I have: What kind of documents I have to submit if my PD becomes current?
2. Is USCIS will contact me after my PD becomes current or should I have to call them ?
3. I heard that more than likely USCUS will ask for new medical clearance certificates, should I go ahead and get ready those ahead of time ??
4. Is there anything else should I need to start getting ready before my PD becomes current?

Your help will be greatly appreciated :pray:

You will only need new medical certificate and supplement J if you have changed Employer after filing i485.

You can generate a full document checklist here.

Hello Anil,

Thank you for prompt reply.
My PD is 09 DEC, 2009 (EB2).
Can I obtain a Medical Certificate ahead of time before my PD becomes current ?? (In order to save time after PD becomes current) If so, is there any issue with it to obtain ahead of time?
What is the limit for obtaining a medical certificate ahead of time(before PD becomes current) ? Please let me know.

Thank you Sir !!

You should submit a medical that was obtained within 60 days of filing.