I485 Biometrics

Hi all,
Primary applicant… filed the whole lot in eb3 downgrade last Oct and filed for Spouse too.

I got biometrics for i485, however Spouse did not.

A. When to expect biometrics for Spouse?
B. Now that my biometrics are complete, status updated that biometrics applied to my case what should I expect next?


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Normally, all applicants receive biometrics appointment letter at the same time.

It could be that USCIS may have found your spouse’s biometrics from past so they didn’t schedule appointment for your spouse. They are doing this lately to save time to be able to process GC faster.

Hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

Any idea if USCIS is sending i485 biometric for kids under 14?

Hi @anil_am22 ,
I know a person whose 13 year kid had been called for AOS biometric ( code 2 with photo, signature and index finger).


She recently gave biometrics for Canada Visa earlier this year… at a uscis ASC.

Could that trigger reuse of biometrics?

But other than that, we both had biometrics at port of entry 2 years ago, and I still got biometrics appointment

Thank you

I think if the biometric on record is older than 15 months, USCIS want you to provide it again.

Also, USCIS doesn’t use the biometric given for Canada visa

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Yeh. Long shot… just need to wait and watch for spouse’s biometrics…

I am also in same boat. I am dependent and last went to stamping in India in 08/2018. We applied eb2-eb3 downgrade , my spouse is a primary and got bio metrics and i am still waiting.
@anil_am22 , Could you please post some article on Bio metrics delays for Family members. Primary received bio metrics notice but not dependents. In some cases Dependents got notice but for Primary its delayed.