I485 Rejection, resubmission

Hi Anil,

I did a mistake in form I485. I just got my package back yesterday. I forgot to tick one box.

I am confused how to return the package now;

  1. As it is with same form (with correction- just add a tick) and documentations, because it is stamped and arranged by USCIS?

  2. print the new forms and rearrange all documents in the format as I sent initially?

  3. Do I need to send copy of original or duplicate rejection notices with resubmission?

  4. Should I mention this submission in form I485, where it asks for 'whether you have previously filled I485?"

Could you please share your opinion here?


Please talk to your attorney and then send the application again. You should read the full notice sent by USCIS to make sure they do not reject it again.