I539 service request turnaround time


My wife’s I539 (H4 extension) was received on Apr 27, 2019 by USCIS California service center. Processing times show that they are processing applications from Apr 28. So, I opened a service request.
Anyone has any idea on the turnaround time of such a service request? They say 30 days in the canned email response, but anyone had any luck getting it approved sooner or (hopefully not) later than 30 days?

NOTE: Application was filed along with H1B premium + H4 extension + H4 EAD (new). H1B was received on Apr 27 and got an RFE. H1B was approved on Jul 31. H4 (I539) status only shows as Fingerprint completed as of Aug 21. H4 EAD (I765) doesn’t even show up in the system (says error locating…)

Could someone please advise?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @abenney

Usually, you can expect a response in about 1-10 days after opening the service request. But, there is no guarantee.

oh, okay. Thanks for the update, Anil.

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