I797 - colored copy

I got a black and white copy of I-797A notarized so I’m wondering if I need to get the colored one since it states that in the checklist. Thanks.

It is best to go with colored copy - notarized

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ok, thanks. Should I get both the pages printed and notarized or just the first page of I-797?

I did both pages - notary will do it as 1 document of 2 pages - same charge

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Both pages- sorry about typo text

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thank you very much! Geeta

I am applying with i797C only as H4 extension is taking a very long time these days.
the 797C copy I got from USCIS is black and white. What to do?

Use copy of it - notarize and send. Perfectly fine. I did that too. No issues whatsoever

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Did you also enclose the last expired i797A?
Or just i797c copy is enough ?
By the way, where did you notarize this ? Bank notaries refused to do it.

The valid 797 - I notarized at my local UPS store.

Thanks! I thought you said you applied with notarized 797c which is for pending application.
Please clarify what you mean by valid 797.

The period of the I 797 extension if applicable…