I797A without I94

HI @anil.gupta,
I am currently in US and mine is a maxout case with below timeline events:
Maxout: 5/26/2021
B2 filed: 5/25/2021 (biometrics completed on 8/30/2021)
PERM Approved: 6/29/2021
I140 Approved: 7/12/2021
H1b Filed 7/23/2021
H1B Approved: 8/10/2021 I797B [No I94, Asking to get a proper Visa stamp]
After lawyers sent an email regarding justification
H1B Approved: 8/26/2021 I797A [No I94 again asking to get a stamp]

I am in US and consulates in India and Mexico being closed I am not able to get an appointment for Visa stamping. My previous stamped visa was same category[h1b].

I am not sure why the second time they issued a I797A but content is same as previous I797B. Is this a mistake from USCIS or is there any scope for intervention?. [OR is the content of the notice the Master rather than I797A Vs I797B]

Is/was anyone facing a similar issue? and how can it be resolved?

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks so much for creating and maintaining this platform.

HI @anil_am22 ,
Can you please provide your thoughts on this.

Your lawyer can answer it better as they the facts and why USCIS did not issue a new i94. I am unable to suggest anything as I do not know the details.

Thanks so much for your reply! I am looking for appointments ke for stamping

Apparently it is because of the bridge H1 to b2 petition