I9 Work Authorization Extension - No receipt notice yet

Hi, My H1B extension was filed on Aug 23rd. I have not received the receipt notice yet. It has been 8 weeks now. My attorney confirmed that the filing fee check was cashed and they were able to obtain my receipt number. They have now raised a service enquiry with USCIS to get a duplicate receipt notice since they never received the first one.

My I-94 is expiring on Nov 14th and my work authorization is ending on 11/24. My firm is saying they need the I797 C receipt notice to extend my work authorization.

Anyone in the same boat? What are my options if I do not receive the receipt number soon?

Thank you

Isn’t the attorney hired by your firm? Why can’t they listen to their own attorney when they have the receipt number?

The attorney is hired by my firm. However they say they need documentation proof to perform the I-9 reverification to extend my work authorization.
Has anyone provided documents other than I797 C receipt notice for their I-9 reverification?

If I’m unable to get my I-9 reverification done on time, is there a grace period for H1B after I-94 expiry/end of work authorization?

Thank you

The proof of service request and the receipt number should work for your employer to provide continued employment.