I94 expiry due to passport expiry, new passport & H1B transfer

Hi Guys,

due to my passport expiration date, CBP gave my I94 expiry date as 10/20/2020. I have renewed my passport and then I have transferred my H1B to another employer.
In New I797-A, I94 expiry mentioned as 2023. But, In CBP site, I94 with old passport it is still showing expiry date as 10/20/2020. and search with new passport number it is showing “no records found”.

what should I do now? Do I need to renewal my I94 or is my new I94 good with I797A after H1B transfer.

Please help me here, I have only 3 days left to renew my I94. Appreciate your help!.

Thank you

Your new i94 is valid and good enough for you to keep staying in the US.

No action is needed from your side.