I94 extension after passport renew - attached to old passport number

I recently renewed my passport. Since the i94 was given till the old passport expired date so i visited nearest cbp office and i was lucky to get i94 extended at here only. It saved me from visiting other country or border cross process.
Now have some queries

  1. i94 date is extended which i can see online but this is still in old passport, when i try with new passport number, it does not find anything…is this okay

  2. officer did not put any new arrival stamp in either passport and did not enter new arrival entry in i94 travel history…he just updated the old i94 validity date upto visa stamping date correctly as expected . Although in passport the manual entry ( written at time of last port of entry) is still the old one but the most recent i94 is correctly showing the new date.

Can someone guide if i am good at all or still need to do anything.

It is okay to have new i94 attached to old passport. This is normal.

The travel history will not be updated as you have not traveled in reality. What CBP officer has done is fixed the i94 record in their system. So, this will be shown as a fix instead of a travel.

Thank you Anil for prompt reply. One more thing.
Cbp officer did not modify the date in extsting stamp in old passport.( written by pen when port of entry done last time)
They updated in online i94 correctly.
Is it an issue if stamp in passport has different date and online i94 has different…

As I already told you that it is not counted as a ‘travel’ and hence no update will be made in your passport.

You can take a print out of online i94 that reflects the new date and you should be fine.