I94 extension due to passport expiration

Hello, I am seeking advisory w.r.to my i94 extension. Myself and my dependents (my husband and daughter) entered US in Mar 2023. I came on an L1A visa. I have a valid petition until Jan 2026 and visa until Dec 2025. However, since our passports are expiring in few months, our i94 was stamped till that date. We have now gone ahead and renewed our passports.

I went on chat with USCIS and the representative mentioned I don’t have to exit the country to get this corrected and the nearest CBP office should help. So I went to the CBP office at DFW airport and I ended up having a traumatic experience there.

So, now I am a little skeptical to go to the Laredo border too, wondering how the officers at Mexico border would treat people. I am being told because of automatic revalidation, even if you fly to Mexico and come back, there is only a 50-50 chance the i94 will get updated. I do not want to fly back to India either.

My questions are -

  1. Will a 2-3 day trip to a place other than Mexico like Bahamas or Panama extends the i94 for sure?
  2. My company is willing to file an extension with USCIS. But are there going to be other implications because of it - like the incidence of RFEs, my i140 processing or the drivers license renewal?

Looking forward to your expert guidance. Thanks!

If your company is willing to file an extension, i would suggest to go with it. No issues.

Between my wife & I, we went to Laredo, Texas more than 4 times. We never faced any issues at the CBP office, Instead of going out and reentering you can go directly to the CBP office. Only thing is keep the cash ready ($6 when I reentered in 2022) they won’t have change. You need to wait patiently in the queue because of the fewer CBP staff and more people in line.

I also once went to San Antonio airport’s CBP counter to get I-94 updated for my son & I without any issues, they were helpful.

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