I94 Extension Laredo TX US Mexico Border - 2021

Hi Anil,

i am planning to travel to Laredo TX to get my I-94 updated in February 2nd week. have a question, if the officer asks us to cross the border, and i use the bridge 1 to cross in to mexico, do i need to see a mexican immigration official after entering mexico to get any kind of arrival stamp in my passport ? does the officer at Port of entry check for any stamping in my passport to validate i did enter mexico ?


Hi Anil,

Thank you for the post. I followed exact direction and got my I94 renewed last Saturday.

Couple of updated on border closure due to COVID-19

  • People on H1B can still cross border and come back. This was the case when I went last Saturday. However please call CBP office, Laredo TX and re-check.
  • Entering bridge 1 through outlet mall was closed. I had to walk down the stairs and cross road to reach turnstile.
  • Gate was closed at yellow line. However I requested CBP officer standing there and he opened the gate after checking that I had H1B
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Thank you @sand for the update.

My i94 expired 2 months ago with my old passport but my H1 is still valid. I need a new i94.

I am planning to goto San Ysidro border in San Diego, but I’m not sure if I will be allowed to re-enter US.

I would suggest you first try CBP office at border on US side. If they don’t renew, then confirm if you can re-enter with your current documents.

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Thank you @sand
Was your i94 expired with your old passport as well?

Let me know when I can call you.

Hey Vinoda, how are you planning to get it done? I will be in similar situation in few months.


I am waiting for Canada border to open. I have a visitor visa to Canada. If that border doesn’t open then planning to travel to Laredo or other sentri enrollment center. Last option is to fly to India on June 13.

Am in similar situation looking to do border crossing in Laredo, tx. Got couple of questions which will be helpful to plan my trip.

  1. Did you made a road trip or flight ?
  2. What are the challenges you faced trying to get I-94 updated.


Hi @ram_siddarth

Try and read this to get answers to your questions

Hello @Anil.Gupta, I read that post but would like to know how is it now due to COVID-19. Are they open and did the procedure changed now from before. Any recent experience would be helpfull. Thanks.

Hello @ram_siddarth ,
I am planning to visit Laredo TX in next few weeks once I get my passport renewed. I dont think any process changed. I was reading at another forum somebody got his i94 extended at California border few hours ago.

Can you help me understand… You walked down the stairs … where? Is the entry from within the outlet mall.
Can we not walk this route shown below?

Did you parked at the open parking near outlet mall?

Yes. You can use this route.

| Rexo_Exo
June 10 |

  • | - |

Can you help me understand… You walked down the stairs … where? Is the entry from within the outlet mall.
Can we not walk this route shown below?

Did you parked at the open parking near outlet mall?

Guys I am going this Saturday… will let you know how it goes…

Hello guys,
I visited Laredo today and got my i94 updated. It went pretty smooth.
My i94 expiry was in December 2020 and now they extended till 2022.

I parked at Valero gas station first and went to cbp office. Someone came outside office and asked me what I wanted and I explained. The officer was very polite and he suggested that we cross border and that’s the only way to get it updated. He also explained to us to park at outlet mall and go halfway on bridge and come back.
We then did the same. Crossed from the yellow line… bridge was not busy today so not much crowd.
Then we joined the “open” queue. When our turn came I handed the passports and the officer knew I was for i94. He then asked us if were bringing any medicines, etc. Then he
took photos and wrote a slip and handed over to another officer. The other officer took us inside the permit office. He didn’t asked any question except for the address Proof/Id. Then he took photo and fingerprints and handed us the new i94. We reached Laredo at 1 pm and we were on our way back by 2:20 pm.
These officers are really polite and not like the ones we meet at airport.
Thanks guys! Hope this helps someone.

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That was helpful. I will be going this Friday. I am on and H4 visa. My only worry is that my i94 already expired in May 2020 (alongwith my old passport) though my visa is till Feb 2022. I hope that doesn’t cause an issue and everything goes fine, especially during these Covid-19 visa and travel restrictions.

Hi @Adi

Many people have got the new H4 i94 at the border even when the i94 had already expired.

See this real experience from San Diego Border experience (COVID-19 has not added restrictions):

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Hello Anil, Thanks for updating the process.
If use this option, I did not see any mention of exit stamp you got in your passport before entring bridge ? we get stamped or some kind of entry made ? because i assume when you return back you will get travelhistory updated with arrival record and also stamp in passport while correcting I94.
In that case if we check in online i94 , we will miss depature record ?
Should not this be an issue when you reclaim your remaining H1b days ?

Question 2 : after getting pysical I94, and next time youo go out ia airport , they wont take your pysical I94 but its said we need to return i94 before leaving and should not keep it. how to resolve this ?

@sand : if you try at usa side, travel history will update for both depature and arrival ? if not will tha be an issue.