I94 validity,admit stamp in passport and Visa stamp


I am traveling to India on Nov 25th,i have a visa stamp in my passport until Jan 8th, 2022, however the admit stamp that I last got was until OCt 2020.

1)Is that a problem if my admit stamp shows a different date than my visa stamp?

  1. My I 94 was valid until Oct 2020, but I got an I 539 extension approved until January 2022.

Would I get a new I-94 when I re-enter the country until my new H4 extension date (Oct 2023?)

ALso, does anyone know what is the solution if you are stuck with a positive covid test in India before flying back?

Thanks a lot for your time.

You have multiple posts going on and looks like this one is more clear. :slight_smile:

If you did extension of H4 status before the I-94 expired in Oct 2020, then you are good.

Yes, if you enter using your new approval notice along with the copy of valid primary H1B. Note that you need a valid visa to enter back so in your case enter back before 8th Jan 2022.

You do need a negative covid test and be fully vaccinated (WHO approved vaccine) or else you wont be allowed to board and will need to reschedule the flight.

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HI Kalpesh

Thanks for your time answering my questions.

I have another quick question- would I be eligible for dropbox in India, the rules seem different now. Any idea on that? I got my last stamping for H4 along with my spouse in Canada,Vancouver. Would I be eligible to do dropbox in India now?