ICE tells F1 Students to Leave US - Online-only school - Comments

If this is the case, there is no way schools which have so many international students will move to completely online this Fall. I think they will change the schedule to incorporate some kind of in-person classes with social distancing protocols. But this is really horrible and concerning.

Yes, Students enrolled in US universities are very upset.They are being charged full on campus course fee (instead taking online classes) + Now they can not even stay here. Very sad

But I see somewhere lawsuit can be filed.

So may be it’s just fluke for elections.

Also how will they do classes back home with time difference, Internet issues etc.

Also some countries have ban on certain tech so gsuite etc in China or other tech in Middle East is an issue.

This is just a mess.

This would impact those on F1, working on CPT waiting for H1 to start in October ??

Does it mean, day1 cpt/2nd masters students will get impacted with this?

He can do the same thing to h1… Wfh == go back

I know a friend of mine who was selected in Stanford for MS starting in Fall batch starting in 2020 to 2022. Stanford is charging full fee of almost $150K but at the same time asking to attend remote classes.

Friend is pissed off. Only option students have is to defer admission to next yr. Althoughnot all universities provide this option.

Working on OPT/STEM doesn’t require to attend classes, so they won’t be affected

Agreed, The price which one pays is mostly for oncampus experience and contacts which u make with the alumni group.

These things are hard to develop via online classes and thus high fees dont make sense.

I go to a well acclaimed and accredited university out of state and don’t think I can find an in-person alternative in-state or similar coursework in other universities in other states.

I literally just did a change of status earlier this year in February and the F1 is effective September of this year.

Is the cancellation or withdrawal process as described on this website legit?

Will the withdrawal process be fast enough so I can go back to my university without worry?

Are there any alternatives for doing the online (or hybrid, university is unclear on that currently) courseload that I desire while also remaining in the country?

Been living here for eight years now, would be a bloody waste to have the stream of progress messed up. Even signed an apartment lease, what a time to be alive!