ICT Business Analysts(261111) - ACS assessment expiring while EOI is valid

Hi Anil,

I have applied for 189 (75points), 190 (80points - only VIC due to offshore) and 491(90 points) EOIs for ICT Business Analyst (262111) occupation but my ACS assessment is expiring on 23rd Feb2020. In this case, should i get the re-assessment done from ACS and update the EOIs OR don’t update the EOIs ( Can i have the re-assessment still get done as backup when asked by authority). Please let me know.

Also, let me know if the possibility of getting a PR under ICT BA at above points scores is impossible then i may drop my expectation and efforts for an Australian PR.

Hi @rahul.paneri

New ACS assessment is required and you should get one and update the EOI.

It is difficult to get PR with these points at this time but the points may come down next year. I am hopeful.