Impact of adding spouse Name in Passport after I completed ACS and PTE

Is it mandatory to add spouse name on Indian passport if applying for Australia PR using subclass 189/190 Skilled Nomination?

Both of us have not updated our passports after marriage. We just hold a marriage certificate.
Both of us have cleared ACS and PTE.
My wife is working in Australia on Temporary 457 Visa from 1.5 years and I am working in India.

We want to file for PR putting my wife as Primary applicant.

What other documents or details can we add to make our case stronger?

Please assist.

Adding spouse name in passport is not mandatory. There is no need for it either if you do not have it already.

Marriage certificate is a good proof.

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Thanks for clarification @Anil.Gupta

For EOI, Having Joint bank account is better option or its fine if we don’t have any.

I am not aware of any joint account requirement or if it helps with PR in any way.

Appreciate your prompt help, Thanks!!

@anil_am22 Hi anil sir, sry for asking very simple basic questions below.
I have EA skill assessment, Pte, NAATI did, which current passport which is due to expire on Feb 2021(4months from now). I will be re-issuing the passport and from what I understand, the passport number will get changed…do I have to inform EA, NAATI, Pearson VUE for this updated passport number after this update??

I have 90 points including spouse skill assessment for 189, my job code 233211 civil engineer, any probability for offshore candidates? I am assuming it will be 2021.

By that time my spouse IELTS score will complete 3 years and will (expire September 2021), can this be extended. can the validity be extended of she has to reappear the IELTS/PTE?

If IELTS/PTE scores expires, applicants have to re attempt the exam. Validity of English Test is not extended under any circumstances.

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Passport number is not require a change on reports.

I agree with @negi for other answer.