Impact of covid 19, job losses in USA, election year 2020 on s386 chances

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Would like to hear your thoughts on s386 chances, given that 2020 has seen a lot of new unexpected events like covid 19 and job losses in USA.

Feels like there would be a lot resistance for any immigration laws to be Passed including points based/ merit based immigration plan

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S386 probably has no chance in near future.


Saw Biden mentioning about green card backlog of qualified immigrants.
YouTube - biden stance on immigration (4:05min)

Just thinking, if trump’s merit based approach has better chances or jiden’s ack of backlogs. Not taking any political sides. curious, who do you think gives a better chance of addressing s386 or backlog?

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No one cares about legal workers. Both are just saying and will probably not do anything.

Merit based system has much better scope of improving the current backlog situation.