Impact of employer change in H4EAD Processing


I am changing Job soon and my employer said they Will withdraw both H1 and H4 petition very next Day after i laave…My new employer has already filed H1 and H4 application, I do have H1 approved with them as well as my spouse receipt number. Should I call USCIS and provide them new H1 and H4 receipt number to avoid any future issue in the H4 EAD Processing…
or what all my other option to avoid any future Delay.


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You can inter-file by sending copy of H1B approval notice and H4 receipt to the EAD processing center. You can attach a cover letter explaining the reason you are submitting the documents and attach the copy of EAD receipt so USCIS can reference back to your EAD file.

Or, simply wait for RFE asking for proof of primary H1B and H4 which is when you can submit the above documents.