Impact of FAD Retrogression -EB3

Friends- It’s a big blow for all the aspiring applicants for whom the retrogression might have an impact . In my case PD is April 2012 ( the FAD for EB3 now stands Jan2012 ).

In the mean while my my I-140 premium has been applied ( EB2-EB3 downgrade) which was pending since Oct 2020. Now my question is.

  1. Will the retrogression has any impact on my I-485 processing ( assuming my I-140 gets approved).

  2. Can we expect some movement on EB3 FAD in the coming months.

Can someone please throw some light. Uncertainty with USCIS is so frustrating.

@anil_am22/@Kalpesh_Dalwadi - Can you please share your opinion on my above queries.

You can check the impact of Nov 2021 visa bulletin yourself using this app.

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