Impacts to GC process if Country of Citizenship changes while GC is still in process

Hi experts,

I was in US until 2018, and already have approved I-140 (EB2, PD: Feb 2014)
I moved to Canada in 2018 as a Permanent Resident. I will be eligible to file for Canadian Citizenship in 2021.

My question is, if I get Canadian citizenship,

  1. will it affect my I-140 or priority date?
  2. Do I need to file for I-140 amendment?
  3. Will my PERM still remain valid?
  4. Will I lose my Priority Date and hence my place in GC queue?

Appreciate if someone can help with answers to these questions.

@anil_am22 - Can you please help me with answers to questions above?

I had 1 more question. My latest H1b petition expired about a year ago.
I have used by I-140 and had used it for couple of H1B petition with Cap Exempt.
If I want to come back to US on H1B will I be able to use my I-140 for cap exemption? Coz it’s been more than a year since my last H1B petition expired.

US immigration system takes your ‘Country of birth’ into account to give green card and not your country of citizenship.

With the fairness bill, they are just trying to remove the limits on each country.

The country of birth criteria still remains same and you can use your i140 or PERM.