Import duty on mobile phone from USA or UK via courier like DHL/Fedex

Hi, There are different versions of how much duty is charged. I checked at different places and get different answers. If anyone has imported a mobile phone from say US or UK can u guide how much the actual duty charged is?

I have shortlisted a couple of mobile phones which cost between $300-400. I used the am22tech duty calculator and it roughly shows a duty of 44% of the price as duty. But I read somewhere now duty is anywhere from 62-100% so any one who has recently imported could guide me of the actual duty?

The GST keeps changing every quarter by government based on the current conditions.

It is possible that the tax has been increased due to COVID-19.

Thanks. So are you aware of the exact duty structure right now if I wanted to import a mobile to India. As these days some versions are not launched atall in India so wanted to get one from either US or UK