Incorrect past employer name in PERM labor application


My PERM labor application was filed a month ago.

I see that I have provided one of my former employer’s name incorrectly. e.g. instead of ABC Pvt Ltd, I gave it as ABC Technologies Pvt Ltd. Apart for this employer I have worked with 4 other employers in the past.

I understand there is no way other than withdrawal of PERM and resubmitting the same.

Will there be any issues during the 140 processing?
Should I produce skill letters from all employers I worked with ? Or can I just exclude this misspelled employer’s skill letter in 140 filing, to get away from this issue ?

Please advise.

We can’t guess if USCIS will create an issue here or not.

They may choose to ignore too.

Thanks Anil.

Are we required to submit skill letters from all former employers during 140 processing ? Kindly clarify.


Usually, only last 5 years worth skill letters are required unless your attorney wants to submit more.