India travel on expired H1B and approved I797 via Zurich on Swiss airlines

Hi All,

I am planning to travel to India with Family on my expired H1B visa and approved I797 via Zurich and Swiss airlines (Dec 21 but tickets booked). Do you know if they allow to board the flight with expired H1B? I will get stamping done in India. Thanks for your help!


You are going back to your home country. It doesn’t matter what Visa you have have of a foreign nation and whether it’s expired or not; unless your passport is expired.

You will need valid visa to travel/re-enter US.

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Thanks Diwedy! I have heard that some of the airlines does not allow you to onboard the flight if you don’t have valid stamped visa(in this case H1B which is expired). However it is difficult to find it without anyone travelled recently as Swiss consulate does not answer the phone.