Indian Address Changed but using USA address for Main - Do I need Indian Address proof?

Hello, sorry if this question sounds repetitive, but in my case, my old passport has the Indian Address. I chose to use my USA address on ‘Passport Printable Details’ and Indian Address (which has CHANGED from my old passport) as the ‘Other Address Details’.

I don’t have a proof for that address with my name on it, but my parents live there. I believe a self-sworn affidavit will work based on this forum post: Indian address self attested copy . BUT, the checklist from VFS at the end of Page 3 (attached snapshot to this post), shows a list of proofs if Applicant wants to add or CHANGE Indian address. Hence I am a little confused if a self-sworn affidavit will do or if I need one of those proofs, though it’s the USA address I want on my passport.

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Since you chose US address as printable address, you don’t need to send any Indian address proof (but I did send it even though I was printing US address) and Self sworn affidavit has been dropped from the latest checklist.

I am in USA from last 2 years, So can I also use USA address as printable address in passport? Is there any condition to be eligible to print USA address in passport?

If you have all required valid documents supporting your legal stay in US, you are good. You can get US address printed.


Thank you @Diwedy
I have I-797A approval notice and Driving license for address proof. Do I need any other documents to print US address?

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For printing US Address, both documents are enough. However, there are other documents that you will need to send, for renewal of your passport. Go thru’ the latest checklist (which keeps updating) on VFS site.

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what is the conclusion on the original question? when printing US address, whats needed for Indian other address

  1. no proof needed // logical since I don’t live in India when in US
  2. not even self declared affidavit // which would be strange since I do not live there
  3. ensure its someone you know lives at that address to vouch for police verification

the latest checklist mentions “self attested copy” not sure if that means just mention in the application form, or anything more than that?

I actually emailed VFS customer service on this main question and asked if proof is needed if Indian Address is in my ‘Other Address Details’ and I use US as my address to print on passport. Here is the exact reply:

“We would like to inform you that if another address is an Indian address don’t have to send the address proof”

As far as self-attested copy, I too just think that it means in the passport application, we must mention Indian address on the other address, and we already attest that form with our signature in the end as well so it logically seems to me it would suffice. As the first commenter noted, even the self-sworn affidavit isn’t asked in the latest checklist.