Indian address on current passport

Hi, I am applying for my passport renewal, have a question regarding the printable address.
I am planning to keep the Indian address that I have in my current passport as printable address. But the issue is the length of House and Street Name in the passport application is not able to accommodate the complete House/Street Name that I have on my current passport. If I abbreviate or shorten the address, will it be considered as a change in address?
Can anyone please share your experience handling this kind of situation? Sincerely appreciate any input in this regard.

Are you going to apply using Tatkal processing? Generally, VFS matches letter to letter. However, VFS have known to allow some abbreviation - e.g. Road to RD, as exception in the past.

You can reach out to them and let them know your concern. You can also send them abbreviated address you intend to use and check if it qualifies for address change or not. Having a pre-confirmation will be good.

Thanks Pankaj for a quick response.
Do you know how I can reach out to them? Do they respond to phone calls? or should I email them?

Thanks again.

Here you go:

You can reach out to them on phone but remember that calling on phone is chargeable after free 5 minutes every week… Details are there in the link shared above.

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