Indian address on passport confusion

Hello, On re-issuance of passport, the checklist is contradictory in stating that it is ok to use “Indian address” both places in the application form while it also mentions “to use 1 US address and 1 Indian address” in the application form. Any suggestions? Should I just send proofs for both?

What address are you getting printed on your passport?

US Address proof is mandatory, that too, notarized. They use the same address to send your passport back to you after renewal.

You can include your Indian address proof (preferably self attested) to be on the safer side, as occasionally they have asked for it.

I am getting Indian address printed on the passport with proof. I have the US address proof but checklist stated that it is ok to mention Indian address in “to be printed” & “other address” in the application form.
Do you think it would be ok to send US address proof separately and tag it as for return address?

Yes, that’s fine. It should be same US address on Annexure E and Change in Appearance and signature forms.

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