Indian Citizenship for US Born Child - Questions & Answers

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Hello Anil,

I appreciate you taking time to talk about this subject as there isn’t much information out there online on this subject. I however had a few questions i was hoping to find answers for. I was browsing through an indian embassy website and found a form that helps with the registration of Baby’s birth with the Indian embassy. There’s a section where it states “PLEASE REGISTER THE FOLLOWING CHILD/CHILDREN NAME(S) AND ISSUE BIRTH CERTIFICATE(S) TO THEM AS
INDIAN CITIZENS.” and the link to the form.

If i read it right, it allows for an indian citizen parent to get his/her child registered as an Indian Citizen.

  1. So, does it mean the baby going to acquire an Indian citizenship once she gets an Indian passport ?

  2. If that’s the case, is she therefore going to lose US citizenship ?

  3. Is the baby going to need a dependent H4 visa on her Indian passport to legally stay in the USA ?

  4. If she’s out of the country, does she need a US Visitor visa(B1/B2) to come back to the US ?

Thank you