Indian embassy sent PCC request to Mumbai for Person residing in UAE - Dubai

i am an Indian residing in UAE - Dubai since last 30 years.

My Indian passport of last twenty years (two Passport) are issued from Dubai but previous were issued from Mumbai, India.

Now for my migration to USA i need Police clearance certificate of India. As per process advised i have applied to Dubai Indian consulate through BLS Intl.

Consulate forwarded the application to Hometown in India (Ghatkopar, Mumbai), stating they do not have records before 20 years and need to be sent to my home since 40 year back original passport was issued from India.

40 days passed nothing received till date. Upon making status check at Consulate office i was advised that since it is police matter they can not do anything and want me to check with Supretandant of Police of my hometown.

But Police stataion of my Hometown area informs they have not received any application.
Are there any means to check or address grievance?

You can try contacting your regional passport office as the Indian consulate sends requests to regional area.