Indian from Taiwan with a job offer in the US - what visa?

Hi there, my husband has an MS in physics (2011) from the US, and PhD in physics (2016) from Europe. He is presently working in Taiwan. We are Indian citizens. There is a US employer who is very interested in hiring him as a full-time Scientist/Physicist (NOT postdoc), but we are not at all sure about the visa procedure. Internet search really didn’t answer our questions. If he is hired, will the type of visa they would file on his behalf be H1B? If yes, will he be part of the h1-b lottery? Under advanced degree, or regular category? Or could he be exempt from the lottery system? (because his PhD is outside US)? Thank you very much.

Hi @acman108

Your US employer will have to file H1B under the lottery system. The next lottery will happen in April 2022.

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