Indian passport extension while h4 extension is pending


My husband moved to new employer in June 2021. His H1 transfer was approved in premium and we did not apply H4 transfer at that time. In December 2021 husband moved to old employer again. This time we filed H4 extension along with his H1 transfer , now status is h1 approved and h4 pending.

My passport is expiring December 2022. Can I apply my passport extension now.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you may apply for renewal.

Thank you!

Also while my H4 extension is pending can I apply H4 EAD extension as well.

My H4 EAD is valid till Jan 2023, current visa stamp valid till Jan 2023 and H4 extension applied in Dec 2021.

If you are applying for standalone EAD, you may not apply until within 180 days of expiry of current EAD.


If by Aug 2022 my H4 extension is still pending , can I proceed and apply H4 EAD extension in August 2022 and will I get automatic extension of EAD FOR 180 days.

My current I 94 and visa valid till Jan 2023
Current EAD valid till Jan 2023
H4 extension applied Dec 2021
Husband’s H1 transfer approved in Dec 2021 in premium processing

Thank you in Advance!!

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