Indian passport renewal address proof

I’m applying for my Indian passport renewal in US.
I’m planning to provide my current US address to be printable on the new passport and Indian address as the other address.
Note that this Indian address is different from the previous Indian address on my old passport.
Should I still send any proof for the new Indian address, even though it’s not gonna be printed on my new passport?

If you have a proof, there is no harm in proactively sending it. You will avoid delay in processing of your application and shipping charges, in case they ask for it. Self attest it.

Thanks, that’s good to know. I do have the proof, however my name on the aadhar card is slightly different from my name in passport. I.e. in aadhar card, my initials are not expanded i.e. it’s Suresh H and H is not expanded.
do you think this could cause any issue with processing?

That can cause an issue. There are other listed documents which you can provide as a proof.

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