Indian passport renewal in USA Help - have a question

I have gone through this link

and got clarity on using combination of addresses between Printed address and Other address.

But my question is I choose Printed address as Indian address [which didnot change from current passport address] and giving Other address as USA.

1)Since USA address is listed here in Other Address section I need not provide any USA address proof to the embassy/office in mail.

2)As my current address did not change and I wish to keep the same address for my new passport too.? do I need not to submit any documents.??

So None to be provided.? please let me knw.

THanks in advance

  1. Address proof is required as they send your passport renewed in US to that address.

  2. Not required.

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Thanks for replying Pankaj. Extension to the above 2nd question, my address now is same as that of what I have on my passport which I already mentioned above but forgot to mention that the only change that my address have is the state name. Previously it was Andhra Pradesh and now its Telangana (state got separated) but rest all address is same. Do you have any idea if this is seen as a address change or not. Because in the Govt portal I only see Telangana as the state to be selected in order to get my district right.

Also, my place of birth in my passport states as xxxxx,Andhra pradesh but now after filling the application it is xxxxx, Telangana. What do you suggest on this.? will it gets rejected straight away or they might ask additional docs.

Please let me know when you get a chance.


No, it shouldn’t be a problem as they are aware about these changes around State bifurcation/reorganization.


Cool then, Thanks again.!