Indian PCC for Canadian Citizen wife in US

Hi Anil,

Hope you’re doing well.

I believe you’re the expert as you have been answering most of the inquiries in the forum and so wanted to get your feedback for my situation.

I’m Canadian Citizen currently in US on TN Visa and my wife is on TD (dependent). My TN Visa expired few months ago and now have RFE which in process by my attorney.
My wife TD visa also expired with mine few months ago. What visa documents should I submit for my wife PCC to Indian Embassy in SF which we need for Canadian PR?
At this point I’m not sure if I would be going in person or via mail but based on what I read in the forums here, seems like going in person is the best way to speed up the process.

I been calling the Indian embassy for last few days without any luck in talking to humans, been calling their miscellaneous service extension 148 but no luck and no response from them so far.

I’d appreciate any feedback and insights you can provide me.


You have to provide documents which prove that you are legally present in the US.