Indian PCC from Australia - Queries on Process

Hello AM22Tech,

I found this forum very useful to go through the process of Indian PCC -

I have few doubts on the process regarding the personal particular form -

a) Permanent Address & Tel.No. along with Police Station
This is the permanent residential Indian address along with Police Station right?

b) Present Residential Address & Tel.No along with PoliceStation and residing since
This is the Australian address with Australian Police Station and residing since right?

If you have not been resident at the address given at COLUMN9(b) continuously for the last one year, please furnish other address(es) with duration(s) resided
(Please furnish an additional set of PPForms for each address with Police station)

I have not resided in my address at Australia for the past 1 year. I have resided at two other places.
I have two columns in the PPForm. Can I use them or do I have to use two additional PPForms along with all the details I have written in main PPForm?

Regarding the process -

  1. Do I need to glue the 2*2 photo on the form or just submit along with the rest of the applications?
  2. My passport address is different from the permanent address I have given and given the contact number of my father in India for navigating the process in online application form.
  3. Are there any other documents I need to give to police when they come for physical verification?

Sree Ram

This article has details:

Hey Anil,

Thank you very much.

One final doubt, do we glue the pictures on forms or just give them copies along with self- attested details.

Sree Ram