Indian PCC in USA - Which Indian Address should be used? Never lived at parents new address?

Hello Anil, could you please help me with this urgent question:
My situation: Back in India, I lived in a rented house with my parents and have the same address in my passport. Later I got married and came to USA. After I moved to USA, my parents bought a house and now live in this new house.

My question: In personal identification form for Indian PCC (from SFO), which address should I mention as my permanent address?

  1. The old rented house address so that it matches my passport (though someone else lives there now)? Or,
  2. This new house address, where I never lived? But is permanent, though my passport doesn’t reflect this. I do have aadhaar card updated with this address but is of not required for Indian PCC.
  3. Or, my husband’s house address in India, which again, I never lived and have no proof for?

I have read your blog post related to Indian PCC, but, felt this is a peculiar situation which is not covered in blog. Hence asking you

You can give your parent’s current address as your permanent Indian address.

No issues as long as you have valid US address for applying Indian PCC with Indian embassy.