Indian Police Clearance Certificate from Australia

Hi Anil
Currently in Australia on PR and applying for Citizenship. Can I apply and get Indian PCC from Australia.
Thanks in advance

Yes @Maninder You can get Indian PCC from Indian embassy in Australia.

VFS is the official third party company who takes care of the PCC process for Indian Embassy in Australia.

Thanks… i have checked vfs website before writing to you. Bit i have not found any thing about PCC on their web site.

Hi @Maninder
Check here on VFS website and there is an option for PCC.

Thanks Anil i got my PCC… as per your guidance.

Now , I am applying for Citizenship i got stuck with one question:

List the countrie you have travelled since turned 18, Do I nned to list all countires before I acquired my PR or the countries which I visited post my PR.

Thanks inAdvance.

You have to list all countries which have traveled before and after PR.

Thanks Anil… I was in Dilemma to include or not Thanks for the reply… I have included all travel since i turned 18.