Indian power of attorney attestation in Edmonton Canada

This provides for wonderful information on the attendant issues of POA.

My brother in law and his wife are staying in Edmonton canada.

They have to execute a POA in favour of my wife i e sister of my brother in law. However there is no Embassy/consulate office in Edmonton which are located in Vancouver.

How to go about this. Do the executants & witnesses need to visit Vancouver or a simple attestation from a notary would do.

You can find the Indian embassy that has your location’s jurisdiction on Indian Mission Canada’s website.

The attestation or notary depends on the purpose of PoA.
You have to check with the PoA requester to know what is acceptable.

If it is for property matter (like taking possession, registration, selling or buying), you would need Indian Embassy’s attestation.
If it is for Bank’s purpose (like signing loan papers, managing bank account etc.), some of them accept the notarized PoA too. But, it really depends on individual bank’s policies. You have to check with them.