Initial H4 EAD approved after coming back with H4 VISA STAMP. What will happen to 2nd EAD application?


We have applied for H4 and H4 EAD in DEC 2020 But My wife travelled to India and got her H4 VISA STAMP and back to USA in APR 2021 so we have applied for new H4 EAD application in APR 2021 (standalone EAD application) . around the same time, my Attorney sent the withdrawal letter to withdraw initial H4 petition filed in DEC 2020. We have got the withdrawal acknowledgment letter from USCIS and also EAD approval for initial H4 EAD petition recently.

Should I keep the EAD application filed in APR 2021 which is currently pending at USCIS ? Is there going be any issue if we keep that H4 EAD application?

Thanks for your time and help.

Just curious to know if your attorney suggested to file another H4 EAD while there was one already pending?

There should be no issue as such. The adjudicating officer should be able to see that you have already been approved H4 EAD so may send a RFE or straight away deny the 2nd application.

Hi Kalpesh,

My attorney is not sure what will happen to initial H4 EAD as my wife was travelled while petition was pending. so based on other reviews, I have filed a new stand alone H4 EAD petition. Luckily, initial H4EAD petition is approved. I will keep the 2nd EAD application if there is no issue and wait for USCIS response.


when is your H4EAD expiring? Is the expiry date of 1st and 2nd EAD application were different?