Insufficient computing content; ANZSCO Code 261312 (Developer Programmer); Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering

Hi Team

I have received negative ACS assessment with below response, However they have considered my work experience.

Currently I can think of below two next steps but happy to take any new suggestions

  • If there are any ANZSCO occupations for which I can review my application ?
  • Or, If I demonstrate how I acquired ICT and Computing knowledge with RPL application then will my Bachelor of Technology be acknowledged?

Your ICT skills have been assessed as unsuitable for migration under ANZSCO Code 261312 (Developer Programmer).
Your Bachelor of Technology from ABC University of Technology completed September 2013
has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with insufficient computing content
and therefore does not meet the requirements of the ACS as stated in the policy manual.

Your work experience has been calculated as follows on the basis of full time employment of at least 20hrs
per week:
Dates: 01/14 - 02/17 - 3 year(s) 1 month(s)
Position: Developer Programmer
Country: Outside Of Australia

Dates: 02/17 - 01/21 - 0 year(s) 0 month(s)
Position: Developer Programmer - Not Assessable Due to Insufficient Payment Evidence
Country: Australia

I have studied attached subjects in my bachelor of technology which are related to ICT

@anil_am22 - Your response will definitely help me to sail my boat in this choppy water.

Gents and Girls - Any leads will be much appreciated.

You cannot write an RPL that you never did. If yiu did not study enough software/computer related subjects, then ACS will not give credit for it anyway.

Appreciate your response @anil_am22 .

My intention here is to provide a project report which should demonstrate that how I acquire ICT skills & knowledge related to my ANZSCO role in my last 5 years of experience. Will it help ?

Much Appreciated !

Hi Shirish,
I’m in the same situation now. May I know what was the outcome?
Thanks in advance

I have written my RPL and got positive assessment from ACS.

Hi Shirish,

By any chance, is it possible for you to share your email address or contact to reach out to you? I have applied for ACS Skills assessment and waiting for response. But I wanted to be prepared for negative outcome. Would be really helpful if you could provide me guidance on the RPL process.
Awaiting your response.

My email address:

Thanks in advance,