Interfile new h1 approval for pending h4 extension


I had filed my spouse h4 and ead extension in august 2021 which are currently pending . I had to do this to sync our i94 dates .

Now my employer is filing my extension in pp which would extend my i94 till 2025 .

If i get h1 approval in a week , can i interfile to request my spouse h4 and ead petitions to give extension until 2025 ?

No harm in trying, however not sure if USCIS will consider approving based on the new I-797 for primary as the under lying signed forms I539 and I765 will reference the older I-797 information.

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Thanks Kalpesh . USCIS did not give that chance to try my luck . They approved her h4 and ead last week befor my extension is filed . Not sure should i be happy or sad :slight_smile: