Interfiling 485 /AOS


My PD is June 2010. I have filed my 485 Based on EB2 I140 . I also have an approved EB3-I140.
I got a biometric notice for my EAD card application and gave my biometrics in Feb 2 nd week.
The current FAD for EB3 is Aug 2010 and EB2 is Jan 15 2010.

I am not sure if I should interfile and get my application transferred to EB3 .
Wanted to know if anybody has an idea about the current processing timelines once the PD becomes current .How long does interfiling processing take ?
One downside my lawyer is telling is if I interfile and EB3 retrogrades , then I will loose my spot and EB2 might catch up in the next couple of months .

So I wanted some idea on the current processing time for the applications that dates became current recently , for eg EB3 PDs Jan - May 2010 , have you received your GCs or any relavent RFE, are interviews being waived ?

What do you guys suggest I shd do in this situation , shd I wait for a couple of months and see how EB2 moves and then file interfiling or file interfiling right away?