Internal Promotion - ACS Assessment

Hi All,
I have got my whole work experience (IT) in one company and got promotions - Break up below

         Nov - 2010 to  Dec 2011 - programmer analyst
        Jan 2012  to Jun 2014  - Technical  Analyst 
       July 2014 to Till Date - Consultant 

I have submitted same to ACS and got positive assessment, But i have one query

The following employment after November 2012 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately
skilled level and relevant to ANZSCO Code 261313 (Sofware Engineer).
Dates: 11/10 - 06/19 - 8 year(s) 6 month(s)
position: Consultant

I don’t see my previous two position break - up. Please let me what should i do ?
Do i need to followup with ACS ? If yes - please help me out with the steps.

Hi @anil_chowdary,

As far as my knowledge goes, ACS will deduct certain number of years based on the your education background. For eg: If you hold a Computer science degree (CSE), then 2 yrs will deducted from your total experience, and if you are from non computer back ground (electronics) then 4 yrs will be reduced. And, the decision of this deduction process completely lies with ACS and may vary case to case.

I can clearly see, 2 yrs have be reduced from your total experience.

Hope this helps.


HI @anil_chowdary

Even I received my assessment result yesterday. My scenario was same as yours and ACS have deducted 2 years from my work experience. The reason they do like this is because, they consider 1st 2 years as a training period and they dont count that into work experience.

Hi @anil_chowdary

You are fine even if ACS has not mentioned the different role names. The 2 year deduction is mandatory for ACS assessment. No one can skip it.


Thanks a TON :slight_smile: . I will go ahead with current ACS assessment. I taught (I need to go for ACS assessment once again…). You Saved Me.
So i don’t want to bother for Technical Analyst position break up post ACS Assessment ? and How to go with my 189 EOI - filling data for Employment section (as per ACS Assessment ) or below

Employment submitted to ACS :-
Nov - 2010 to Dec 2011 - programmer analyst
Jan 2012 to Jun 2014 - Technical Analyst
July 2014 to Till Date - Consultant


ACS Assessment
Dates: 11/10 - 06/19 - 8 year(s) 6 month(s)
position: Consultant

Please help me out (Because in 189 EOI application - It clearly asks date and role, So i am confusing ).

Hi @anil_chowdary

Either way is fine as the visa officer will look at ACS assessment.
You can enter details as mentioned in ACS letter.

Hi @Anil.Gupta Thanks a LOT :slight_smile:

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Sorry for bothering you once again, If my 189 EOI - got selected and while filling my visa application (i need to enter ACS Assessment which i entered in 189 EOI ) or my total job details (dates) with roles (which i submitted to ACS)?


Hi @anil_chowdary

You will need to write all your job details while filling the final visa application after invite. This will be same as you filled while applying ACS assessment.

Hi, you should enter what’s there in ACS. In this case, from 2012 only… So your experience from Nov 2012 to Nov 2019, so 7 years only!

Hi @Mansukh

I do not agree with you. You have to write all job details in final application.


Thanks a TON :slight_smile: for your suggestions and support in this journey

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@anil_chowdary Do you mind sharing the format of experience letter that you had received from your company? I’ve also a similar situation where I stayed with a single company for 8 years and got promoted into different roles, Just wanted to have an idea on how to format my letter so that nothing gets missed out.

Hi @anil_chowdary @atjustin,

I also have a similar query on multiple promotions in the same company but same duties? Can you please help me with the format?

Appreciate your help.