International Transfer to India while on H1B

Hi All,

I am currently working in the USA at Company A in H1B visa. Because of personal reasons I need to move to India, I have got international transfer from USA to India within the same company A.

My H1B was approved last year but it is not stamped yet on the passport and I have I767 document with me.

I have the following questions

  1. After moving to India, Can i get my H1B stamped in India even though I no longer would be working for US location?
  2. Am I eligible to come back to USA after two years with the same visa working for the same company A
  3. Does it have to be before the visa gets expired? If yes, Do i need to apply for H1B extension if i want to come to US and work for the same company?

I am hoping to receive answers or suggestions for this post. This forum has been really helpful to me in the past with regard to Power of Attorney document.

Thanks in Advance

@anil_am22 Hoping to see your views on this topic

You can apply for H1B visa stamp in India as long as the H1B petition (i797) is valid.

You can file H1B extension if petition has expires.