International Travel after getting picked in H1B lottery

Hi, I am currently on F1-STEM OPT. I got picked in the recent H1-B lottery that happened in November. I am given to understand that my employer has 90 days to provide details about my case to USCIS. Can I travel internationally during these 90days? Will my Change of Status petition be denied?

Do not travel when your COS application is pending as it will deemed abandoned and will be denied. If travel is absolutely required you can opt for consular processing instead of change of status and get a visa stamp to enter back to the US.

Just to get some terminology right. Is “Change of Status petition” filed when you apply initially for H1B lottery ? or Is it filed after H1B lottery is picked ?

The change of status is usually filed when your employer actually files the form i-129 after getting success in lottery.

Once that form has been filed, then it is considered pending COS.

Travel before filing this form should be okay but not after that.