Invitation expiry message in SkillSelect even after a Visa application (190) has been submitted in Immi

Hi Anil,

I have created an EOI with 189 (75 points) and 190 (NSW - 80 points), and received invitation for 190 on 6-May-2019. Prior to this invitation, received nomination request from NSW, provided required documents and application got approved.

I have submitted the Visa 190 application on 29-May-19 with all required documentation from Immi site and the status is “Received” as of now.

However, I have received a message from SkillSelect saying that my invitation is expiring on 5-Jul-2019. I am confused now, why would I receive this message when I have already submitted the Visa application based on this invitation?

Is there anything that I should do now? Any pointers in this regard would be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

Did you click the ‘Accept invitation’ button from SkillSelect when you received the invitation?

Hi Anil,

There was no such option of ‘Accept Invitation’ in Skill Select. There was a button “Apply Visa” against Visa 190. I clicked that button and got redirected to immi site, where I have submitted Visa application.

EOI Status in SkillSelect is “INVITED”.


Ya…that;s the same button that i was talking about.

If you clicked it, then you are fine.

Thanks Anil for your time and confirmation.

Hi @sdeshpathi

One more person has reported that they got the same notification today even when they have filed the visa application.

It looks like there is a bug in the SkillSelect application.

There is no need to worry.

Thanks Anil for confirming again. Much appreciated:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Anil,

Just an update and for the benefit of others, I have written an email to regarding this situation and they have responded in a day with the explanation (Departmental systems can sometimes delay in advising SkillSelect of the submission of an application) and changed the status of EOI to “LODGED”. Good to see quick response from department clearing confusions.


Thanks @sdeshpathi

I appreciate your response.

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